For week 3 of our March anniversary celebration, I’d like to share one of our earlier posts that continues to inspire me. I often experience shattered hopes and broken dreams. However, for each time, God never fails to give me a new direction. 

He is also leading you through your time of difficulty or indecision. Don’t give up! Your steps are indeed being ordered by God (Psalm 37:23).

3 True Stories of Shattered Hopes and Broken Dreams

A young man has dreams of escaping the poverty he was born into. He uses his talent to break into the entertainment industry. His first performance fails. Now he is once again staring at the face of poverty.

A 52-year old, former teacher has invested her life in service to others.  Sadly, on this day, she is arrested for trying to do the right thing.

A young woman is engaged and planning her wedding. But everything changes when she discovers she is pregnant, and the father is not her fiancé.

Who are these 3 people? See below.


The young man is Tyler Perry. He is a contemporary film producer, director, screenwriter, playwright, author, and songwriter. Also a philanthropist, he has given millions to humanitarian causes.

The 52-year-old woman is Susan B. Anthony.  She’s best remembered for her role in the Women’s Suffragist Movement. The Susan B. Anthony amendment of 1920 gave all women the right to vote.

The young woman is Mary, Mother of Jesus.

We now see that great things can still follow shattered hopes and dreams. First, we have to recover from the hurt.

Here are 5 steps to help you heal from your setback toward greatness. These 5  steps are far from complete. But we’ve got to start somewhere. So, let’s get going!

5 Steps for recovering from the hurt

  1. Accept it. It is what it is!  Your plans failed. Your hopes are shattered.  It’s over. Admit to it.  Accept the painful truth. But don’t stop here. This is the beginning of your healing process.
  2. Mourn the loss. Your dream meant everything to you. Take time to mourn your loss. Cry hard! Talk it out with a sympathetic friend. Journal your feelings. Pray. Avoid artificial means of coping.  Alcohol, drugs, and food, will only temporarily numb your pain.
  3. Keep the faith. This is the part where you get to work on yourself. Forgive where needed. Spend time nurturing your spiritual being.  Susan B. Anthony grew up in a Quaker family. Tyler Perry is open about his faith. Mary- well, you know the rest of that story!
  4. Bounce back.  As soon as you can get back in the game, go for it! Keep repeating the 3 steps above while expecting your healing to occur. Speak positive affirmations to yourself. Ignore the voices of negativity.
  5. Start now.  No more procrastination.  Write out your goals and plans.  Work on them each day. You are stronger now. You are wiser now.

Use the steps above that work for you. Disregard any that don’t.  Whatever you do, never give up!

Remember this; You were created to share your greatness with this world. This is who you are.

For help with healing the toxic emotions that surfaces during difficult times, click here.

Question: Have you recovered from any shattered hopes or broken dreams? How so?  You can leave a comment by clicking here


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  2. Mary,http://www.christianity.about.com/od/newtestamentpeople/p/marymotherjesus.htm.
  3. Tyler Perry, http://www.tylerperry.com

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